Dominate your exchange wallets.
All Exchanges

You can manage all your exchange wallets.Bittrex, Poloniex, Binance, Bitfinex etc.


AVG bid buy,coin buy total,coin sell total all important reports.

Profit Loss Table

Profit & loss calculation for coin total or per transaction.


Suggestions based on figures and statistics for buy or sell.

You can't manage if you can't analyse.

Trader panel is a advenced analyse tool for manage all your exchange wallets.
-Follow all your transactions for every coin exchanges without any time limit.
(Many exchanges don't show your transactions after 1 month because of time limit)
- Manage all your exchange accounts from trader panel.
- Check your all exchange balances without login different platforms.
- See real-time coin prices.
- Calculate your Avarage Buy Bid for analyse your break even point.
- Follow your last transaction bids.
- Follow coin % changes for 5 minutes,10 minutes,30 minutes,1 day,1 week,1 month.
- Profilt & Loss Calculation in BTC rate.
- Auto Buy/Sell Module.
- Watch Arbitrage rates for every coin in all exchanges.
- Watch Arbitrage rates in different country local bitcoin exchanges.
- Set Price Alerts for spesific coins in spesific rates.
- Bittrex Profit & Loss Calculation
- Binance Profit & Loss Calculation
- Poloniex Profit & Loss Calculation

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1 Month

  • API Bittrex,Poloniex,Binance
  • AVG Bid Buy Breakeven Point
  • Profilt & Loss Calculation BTC Rate
  • Set Alarm Coin Price All Coins


6 Months

  • API Bittrex,Poloniex,Binance
  • AVG Bid Buy Breakeven Point
  • Profilt & Loss Calculation BTC Rate
  • Set Alarm Coin Price All Coins


You can analyze your profit & loss for every cryptocurrency trade. Every trader have many buy/sell transaction in exchanges and it's very hard to manage profit loss calculation. Traderpanel connect your exhange accounts with API and make calculation real-time for you!
This feature shows you the real avarage of your buy transaction bids. You can understand your breakeven point also you can take desicion for new buy transactions for lower the average.
You can follow coin prices in 5 minutes,10 minutes,30 minutes time frames. This feature will help you for catch pump or dump actions. You can also analyse coin price changes in 1 day,1 week,1 month time frames and have predictions about the course of trade.
Auto Buy / Sell module provides you buy or sell at the price which you set previously. Alternatively you can set alarm at the price for all coins to catch your target prices.
Arbitrage module shows you bitcoin prices of local country exchanges. You can buy and sell for make profit in price gap.
You can sign up than login the dashboard. Traderpanel wizards will help you for integration.